Treatments for Age Spots

No matter how young you feel inside, age spots (a.k.a. liver spots) can belie your true years. Luckily, effective treatments for age spots are available and our Orlando dermatology practice offers them.


Age spots, also known as liver spots, are dark patches that appear on the skin during the aging process caused by accumulated sun damage over the years - something that's easy to experience here in sunny Florida.

Signs and Symptoms

Age spots are flat, brown spots that appear on sun-exposed areas such as the arms, face and chest over time. They do not cause pain or itching but many people view them as an unwanted sign of aging.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Once diagnosed, age spots can be treated in a variety of ways. They can be frozen at any of our offices with liquid nitrogen or faded with bleaching creams. We also can target age spots with Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) laser treatments. Because it is considered a cosmetic dermatology service, IPL treatment is not covered by medical insurance. However, our practice offers many convenient options for payment.

Along with treatment options recommended, you also can use STEPPIE MD® In the Light Intensive Pigment Corrector twice daily. This revolutionary product contains a high concentration of Axolight, a patented, certified organic brightening complex (safe & gentle) that has been clinically proven to act even faster than Arbutine (another powerful skin brightener). Acting in synergy with kojic acid and other natural skin brighteners, it powerfully inhibits melanin production while promoting a more even and flawless skin tone. In just 28 days, volunteers saw an improvement and 91% noticed brown spots fade away significantly in 56 days.
*Efficacy was evaluated on a panel of 22 volunteers applying the product twice daily.

Follow up and Outcomes

It may take several months before you see significant improvement in your age spots. Prevention and daily maintenance of age spots treatment involves wearing sunscreen containing zinc or titanium oxide. We recommend using STEPPIE MD® Antioxidant Sunscreen spray SPF 25, which provides broad-spectrum protection from both UVA and UVB rays with no chemical sun fillers. It contains the FDA-approved physical blocker Zinc Oxide to reflect light away from the skin.

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