Associates in Dermatology, Dr. Steppie & His Team Wish You a Happy Holiday Season and Amazing 2017


The holidays are in full swing and a brand-new year is just weeks away. As you busily shop for gifts, plan the menu for your Christmas, Hanukkah or New Year’s Eve feasts and ponder what changes and challenges 2017 will bring, Dr. Steppie and the rest of the team here at Associates in Dermatology offer a few tips for a peaceful, productive and truly happy holiday season:

  1. Embrace being perfectly imperfect: Any lifestyle mentor will tell you emphatically that perfectionism is a myth and that the pursuit of it ultimately will cost you dearly. It will only serve to cause you stress (and stress-borne wrinkles) and likely end up putting a damper on productivity anyway. So, do your best, but cut yourself some slack if every planned detail doesn’t fall into place as expected.
  2. Let go: You may already have jotted down a few New Year’s resolutions, hoping to get a mental jumpstart on your 2017 hopes and goals. But before you can make an effective plan for the new year, you must clear your path all that stands in the way physically, emotionally and otherwise. A few examples – Clear your home, office or workspace of clutter; free up your hectic schedule by learning to delegate responsibilities, to say “no” to commitments that don’t further your own goals, and to accept only those that prove truly effective and enjoyable; forgive and forget.
  3. Indulge yourself: Let’s face it – Everyday life can be hectic, whether you’re a young professional trying to jumpstart your career; a mother struggling to maintain calm in the chaos of raising children; or a retiree wondering how you’ll navigate post-career life and create a whole new reality for yourself. Keep a healthy balance to life by making sure to relax and indulge yourself regularly. Make it a non-negotiable point to take a daily walk; spend time with friends, family and pets; read a good book; travel – whatever helps you to relax, recharge and rejuvenate.

Through it all, remember that it’s critical that you guard your health, including your skin’s health as well as your hair and nails. So, start the New Year with a consultation at your nearest Associates in Dermatology location. You’ll find a team of highly experienced dermatology providers eager to help you gain and maintain your healthiest, most vibrant look. From the top of your head to the tips of your toenails, we’ve got you covered with a full array of clinical and cosmetic dermatology services.

For those of you who have been loyal Associates in Dermatology patients over the past 25 years, helping us to grow to 15 locations in six Central Florida counties, we extend our heartfelt appreciation. To all current and prospective patients, partners and friends, we wish you a peaceful and enjoyable holiday season and a prosperous 2017.

Get a Beautiful New Look for the Holidays!

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Sparkling jewelry, comfy sweater, that designer purse you’ve been eyeing – Sure, these may make your wish list. But what do you truly want for the holidays? How about a smoother, tighter, more youthful complexion? Central Florida’s Associates in Dermatology offers three ways to give yourself the gift of beautiful skin:

  • Radiesse: It’s been said that a genuine smile is the most glamorous accessory. But those marionette lines and pre-jowl folds that form around the mouth as we age can do a number on your otherwise gorgeous grin. That’s when you need Radiesse. Formulated with tiny calcium-based microspheres suspended in a water-based gel, this popular and highly effective dermal filler temporarily restores volume, smoothing the lines and plumping the sagging skin that forms around your smile and in the chin area. Over time, Radiesse actually works to stimulate your body’s natural production of collagen, the structural protein that keeps the skin’s underlying connective tissue strong and taut. The result is a long-lasting, youthful look.
  • Xeomin: The holiday season, and life in general, can be stressful. Unfortunately, much of that stress can ultimately manifest as wrinkles and fine lines that prematurely age and mar your youthful look. Enter Xeomin, a prescription medication that utilizes Botulinum toxin type A to temporarily improve the appearance wrinkles. It’s a highly effective solution for glabellar frown lines – those two vertical lines that form between your eyebrows after years of frowning, squinting and stressing, making you look older (and angrier) than you truly are. Xeomin works by relaxing the nerve endings in your muscles, thereby preventing certain muscle fibers from contracting. Reduced muscle contraction leads to a visible smoothing of the lines and furrows that have formed in your skin over time, virtually erasing years from your look.
  • Juvederm: Each day, exposure to the sun’s damaging rays as well as a myriad of environmental pollutants subject your skin to a barrage of unhealthy and unflattering effects. Topping the potential troubles is the gradual loss of hyaluronic acid, the naturally occurring fluid in connective tissue that helps keep your skin smooth and taut. As a result, the skin becomes dehydrated and the elastin and collagen fibers lose their integrity, leaving you with dry, thin, loose and wrinkled skin. A top solution is Juvederm, a biodegradable gel that replaces hyaluronic acid, infuses collagen and elastin with new moisture and restores volume – all in less than an hour and requiring no downtime.

So, give yourself what you really want this holiday season – a youthful, healthy and vibrant look. Call today to schedule a consultation at the Associates in Dermatology location nearest you. We’ll help you decide which treatment will best help you ring in 2017 beautifully!

Tips for Reviving Skin, Hair & Nails After the Dry Winter Months


The practice of dermatology involves improving and maintaining not only the appearance but also the health of your skin, hair, and nails. That can seem a tall order in the springtime, after the frigid winter months have left you with a dry, brittle and ashen look. Perhaps you’ve noticed changes like these over the past few months:

  • HEALTHY SKIN: As the humidity decreases in the winter months our skin becomes dry, irritated and even itchy. A hot shower may seem a go-to respite for warmth, but prolonged heat can actually do more harm than good because it disrupts the skin barrier, which serves as physical protection and an immune defense, and further dehydrates the skin. In order to nourish and restore the skin and its protective functions, it is important to use mild cleansers and avoid overuse of harsh scrubs. While cleansing, use lukewarm to prevent stripping the skin of its natural fats and oils that provide it with moisture. Immediately after bathing, the skin should be patted (never rubbed) dry and a gentle, fragrance-free moisturizer should be applied.
  • HEALTHY SCALP: Just as with the skin on your face and hands, the winter cold, the dry, artificial heat generated by heating systems in homes and buildings can sap the moisture from your scalp and hair. Thus, it’s common to experience a dry, itchy scalp as the weather turns colder and you seek warmth indoors. This condition is most commonly caused by seborrheic dermatitis and is characterized by red and flaky patches on the scalp which may resemble dandruff. The best way to combat this problem is by washing hair on a daily basis and using medicated shampoos that deposit a layer of medicine on the scalp which remains and continues to work even after rinsing.
  • HEALTHY NAILS: Your nails can become dry, brittle, and split during winter as well. It is essential to avoid using harsh soaps when washing hands as this will remove the protective natural oils found in your nails. Also avoid nail hardeners as the chemicals found in these products can actually damage your nails, leaving them weak and brittle over time. After washing hands, apply a high quality moisturizer and be sure to rub it into the cuticles and nails to restore their strength and flexibility.

It’s clear that wintertime can wreak havoc on your look. While they may seem tempting, quick fixes that address only the appearance of your skin and nails, ignoring underlying health factors, will only allow for further damage. For instance, hiding unsightly nail fungus beneath colorful nail polish or buying a harsh, drugstore shampoo and conditioner based solely on the promises made in the packaging will simply mask or even exacerbate the issues.

While your look is understandably important, your health is all the more critical. After all – you deserve more than just a makeover. You deserve a thorough audit and treatment of any and all health issues that may affect your look and your life. Ensure the health and vibrancy of your skin, hair and/or nails by scheduling a consultation with Central Florida’s Associates in Dermatology. Our experienced team of providers including board-certified dermatologists, paramedical assistants and nurse practitioners have the expertise to identify and effectively treat a range of skin, hair and nail related conditions or diseases and we accept most health plans.

Remember – Spring is a time of renewal and the warm summer months are just around the corner. Get a healthy start to the new season with a call to your nearest Associates in Dermatology location.

For more information on our services to treat specific skin, hair and nail diseases and conditions, click here.

Wishing You a Healthy, Happy Holiday Season from Associates in Dermatology and Dr. Steppie


As 2015 winds down, no doubt you’re busily wrapping holiday gifts, preparing feasts and doing a bit of last-minute decorating to assure loved ones have a memorable time. December is a festive time for families and friends, but it also can be a hectic time. That’s why Dr. Steppie and his team at Associates in Dermatology want to make sure you remember to take a little time for yourself, too.

Dr. Michael Steppie, MD and the staff at Associates in Dermatology have dedicated their careers to helping Central Florida residents protect their health and beauty. They know that the truest of both begins within. So, throughout the festivities, consider these recommendations:

  • Take time to reflect on all the blessings and accomplishments of 2015 and your hopes for 2016.
  • Set goals for the next year and carefully plan the steps needed to reach those goals.
  • Commit to spending a little more quality time with family and friends than you did in 2015.
  • Reconnect with a long lost friend.
  • If you haven’t already, adopt a healthy lifestyle that includes plenty of exercise, a nutritious diet and, of course, a daily, high-quality skincare routine.
  • Make a point to take time for out for purely enjoyable activities at least once a week – Walks in the park, afternoons curled up in your favorite chair with a good book or a classic film, evenings out on the town with friends or your significant other and daytrips to area attractions you’ve been planning to visit.

If a healthy, vibrant new look is among your wishes for 2016, Associates in Dermatology can help. Dr. Steppie and his staff are committed to treating patients with the same quality care they’d give their own families. You can trust our dedicated and highly experienced team with all of your cosmetic and clinical skincare needs. Call today to schedule an appointment at one of our 12 Central Florida locations.

From Dr. Steppie, his family and the entire Associates in Dermatology team, here’s wishing you a happy holiday season and a healthy and prosperous New Year.

Get Your Skin Holiday-Ready with DOT Laser Treatment


As the holiday season gets underway and 2015 begins to wind down, chances are you’re reflecting upon the ups and downs of the year and looking forward to the changes, triumphs and wonders that 2016 may bring. Now is a great time to capture a little of that hopeful holiday glow for a healthy, radiant look to your skin. And a great way to do just that is with DOT Therapy laser treatment by Associates in Dermatology.

While you can’t stop the hands of time, there are ways to significantly improve the look and youthfulness of your skin without having to undergo costly surgery. Among the newest and most effective non-invasive skincare options is DOT (Dermal Optical Thermolysis) laser therapy, a cutting-edge treatment that reverses signs of aging, sun damage and acne scarring. Via a controlled laser, DOT Therapy deploys a customized pattern of tiny scanned pulses of energy to your skin. This creates thousands of precisely placed microscopic punctures in your skin, stimulating the natural production of collagen. New collagen helps to reduce the appearance of pores, facial wrinkles and fine lines, leaving you with smoother, firmer, evenly-toned and younger-looking skin.

Available at all 12 Central Florida Associates in Dermatology locations, DOT Therapy laser resurfacing is perfect for improving your overall complexion or targeted areas like the neck and under-eye or upper lip areas. You’ll see marked improvement with just one treatment, but your health care provider may recommend several additional treatments to achieve your unique goals.

But don’t take it from us. Here’s what actual patients are saying about DOT Therapy:

“My friends and family noticed the difference and commented how radiant and glowing my skin was. And now, a month after the procedure, I couldn’t be happier with how soft and healthy my skin feels. DOT Therapy definitely delivered!” –Aimee

“I was shocked to see that the fine lines around my eyes and mouth had been replaced with smoother looking skin.” –Michelle,

“My skin’s pore size really decreased after the DOT Therapy treatment, leaving me with a glowing, youthful complexion! What more could you ask for?” –Charlotte

Because the sun’s rays are much gentler this time of year, now is the perfect opportunity to find out just how DOT Therapy or our new V Beam Pulsed Dye Laser treatment can help you achieve that gorgeous glow to your skin just in time for the holidays. Call 800-827-SKIN (7546) to schedule a consultation at the Associates in Dermatology location nearest you today.

Want Beautiful Skin? Associates in Dermatology Has Just the Formula for You


Any artist will tell you that it takes just the right tools – the right paint brush, the right color palette, the right canvas – to create a beautiful painting. Such is the case when you’re looking to get beautiful, healthy skin. That’s why Dr. Michael Steppie and Orlando’s Associates in Dermatology offer a range of skincare products targeting a range of skin health issues. You’ll find only top-quality, highly researched and expertly developed formulas at our 12 area locations.

For years, patients from throughout Central Florida and beyond have trusted Dr. Steppie and his team of highly specialized and dedicated skincare professionals to safely and effectively treat them and their entire families. From children experiencing skin conditions such as eczema to young adults learning to keep acne at bay to elders looking to turn back the clock a bit, Associates in Dermatology has you covered. Our skin health professionals can prescribe highly targeted medications or topical creams and ointments; recommend appropriate over-the counter products; or even provide cutting-edge formulas from the exclusive STEPPIE MD skin care line, available in all Associates in Dermatology locations.

Many of our patients report excellent, visibly noticeable results using our intensive serums designed to help resurface the skin texture, minimize age spots and pigmentation, and visibly minimize tell-tale wrinkles that can make one look older than he or she feels. On-site treatments such as medial-grade chemical peels and laser anti-aging resurfacing can help to reset the clock on your appearance, while prescribed at-home regiments help to prolong the effects of these customized treatments.

Associates in Dermatology’s skincare products feature targeted and highly potent, yet gentle formulas for cleansing care, moisturizing care and protective care, including two state-of-the-art sunscreen formulas. Following is a brief overview of the numerous top-quality, targeted treatments and take-home skincare products we offer:

Cleansing Care / Refresh · Purify

This ultra-gentle botanical cleanser forms a creamy lather that washes away environmental pollutants, excess oil and make-up while leaving skin pristinely clean and refreshed. It is enriched with skin-conditioning ingredients and anti-oxidants. Soap and alcohol-free. Ph balanced. Non comedogenic. Paraben free.

These medicated cleansers contain an ultra pure glycolic acid available in 5% or 10% coupled with the proven acne fighting ingredient salicylic acid used at a 2% concentration.
Both help clear and prevent acne, reduce breakouts and clogged pores. These may also help with enlarged pores, folliculitis and keratosis pilaris while boosting the removal of dead skin cells

Moisturizing Care / Protect · Hydrate · Nourish

Free from chemical sunscreens, this weightless SPF 50 sunscreen offers the highest level of UVA/UVB protection. Its moisturizing formula is also enriched with 5 essential anti-oxidants and emollients.
Ideal for all skin types and especially gentle on sensitive and acne-prone skin. Oil-free. Alcohol-free. Paraben-free. Fragrance-free. Fast absorbing. Non-comedogenic. Non-whitening.

This lightweight micronized zinc oxide sunscreen offers the same benefits as the tube version and this spray is ideal to cover larger body areas such as arms and décolleté, but also the face if swimming or sweating while outdoors. Water-resistant (40 minutes).

bb cream- antioxidant oil control sunscreen BROAD SPECTRUM SPF 50+
A skin-perfecting tinted BB cream that evens skin tone and powerfully protects your face from sun damage. This silky smooth, multi-tasking formula can either be worn alone or under foundation. It offers a SPF 50 protection with a superior physical sunscreen – Zinc Oxide-, oil control and is enriched with moisturizers and anti-oxidants. Its sheer tint visibly helps conceal minor skin imperfections on all skin tones. Fragrance-Free, Oil-Free, Paraben-Free and Gluten-Free.

This lightweight moisturizing serum replenishes the skin with 18% hyaluronic acid and 2 cutting-edge complexes plus Niacinamide. Ideal for all skin types, including oily skin. Oil and fragrance-free. Non comedogenic.

A sumptuous wrinkle-defying cream enriched with, phyto stem cells, repairing anti-oxidants and a unique skin-identical lipid concentrate. It helps supports matrix repair throughout the night and restores skin’s comfort and youthful velvety texture.

Intensive Care / Renew · Treat · Repair

This potent active retinol serum is available without a prescription. Retinol is a form of Vitamin A, a time-tested ingredient which promotes flawless skin while boosting exfoliation to improve the appearance of skin texture, pores, pigmentation, as well as its youthfulness.

This highly intensive retinol serum delivers great results. It is twice as potent as Retinol Renewal 1 and must be handled with care. Follow the instructions for our Associates in Dermatology’s health care provider.

Target UV damage and visibly fade away pigmentation spots! To assure maximum potency, this formula is freshly mixed upon purchase. A potent dose of 6% vitamin C, 4% kojic acid and alpha arbutin -therapeutically equivalent to 4% Hydroquinone-, is added in the serum. These ingredients all act in synergy with other natural skin brighteners and protective antioxidants that further help fortify the skin’s cellular matrix and repair UV damage.

A breakthrough, needle-free serum powered by the Pro Organic Complex™, formulated and developed by Dr. Steppie. It is supercharged with potent sequoia leaf native cells* and a rejuvenating kelp extract** paired with replenishing olive oil blend that deliver exceptional anti-aging results. 95% organic. Premium aloe vera replaces water in the formula.
90% found an improvement in skin firmness**
85% found an improvement in the skin texture and hydration**

*/** In-vitro tests. **Self-evaluation: 2x/day application for 28 days. Study performed on 20 volunteers under dermatological control.

Ultra pure 5% glycolic acid powerfully exfoliates dead cells and surface grime while helping boost the penetration of the proven, OTC drug acne fighting ingredient salicylic acid used at the maximum strength, 2% concentration. Helps clear and prevent acne, reduce breakouts and clogged pores. These pads may also help with enlarged pores, folliculitis and keratosis pilaris while boosting the removal of dead skin cells.

This clinically proven formula visibly rejuvenates the eye contour. Boosted with a patented complex, 8 anti-puffiness and dark circle ingredients, 7 moisture boosters and 8 anti-oxidants! Clinically proven to reduce dark circles and puffiness and to minimize lines and wrinkles depth and volume.

All Steppie MD products are produced and manufactured in the USA in state-of-the-art, FDA registered facilities. So, if you’re looking to improve your skin’s appearance for a smooth, vibrant, picture-perfect look, visit your nearest Associates in Dermatology location for a customized treatment plan and at-home skincare regiment. Our targeted formulas are designed to meet your specific needs, so be sure to ask your healthcare provider which products will work best for you.

New Study Reveals Simple Way to Cut Melanoma Risk in Half


Everyone knows that too much sun exposure can have a range of effects from premature aging to skin cancer. But for those who live in regions with near year-round high temperatures, the risk rises. Here in sunny Florida, where days spent lingering at the beach, by the pool or on the golf course are frequent, melanoma (the deadliest and most common form of skin cancer) is responsible for 75 percent of all skin cancer deaths statewide. Since 1975, the skin cancer death rate among Florida residents over age 50 had doubled. Research shows those living in St. Johns County are at highest risk, with a melanoma death rate 96 percent higher than the national average.

Yet, there is a simple way to dramatically reduce your risk of developing melanoma. Results of an Australian study show that daily application of an SPF 16 sunscreen to the head, neck, arms and hands can cut melanoma incidence by half. Researchers studied more than 1,600 study participants for over a decade, half of whom used sunscreen daily while the other half did not. At the end of the study, only 11 melanomas were reported among the participants who used sunscreen daily, compared with 22 melanomas that developed in the control group.

But while it’s critical to apply sunscreen every day, it’s also important to understand that not all sunscreens are created equal. That’s because many of the sunscreens found on store shelves are filled with chemical sun filters that can actually do more to harm than help your skin. These chemical-based sunscreens can actually trigger pigmentation, making your complexion look uneven and aged. More importantly, chemical work by absorbing or scattering UV rays. This offers far less protection against developing melanoma or other skin cancers than physical sunscreens, which reflect harmful UV rays off the skin.

That’s why Dr. Michael Steppie developed Infinity UV Defense Sunscreens, offering anti-oxidant, broad spectrum, SPF 50+ protection. Available in cream and spray forms, these formulas stand out from others by offering a pure physical sunscreen – micronized zinc oxide, which leaves a transparent finish while providing up to 50 times your skin’s natural protection from sunburn. Other key benefits include:

  • Reflection of most UVA (aging) and UVB (burning) rays away from your skin’s surface;
  • Antioxidants and emollients that provide optimal protection from free radical damage;
  • Weightless, fast-absorbing and residue-free formulas;
  • Water resistance of up to 40 minutes (Spray Version);
  • Ideal for all skin types, gentle on sensitive and acne-prone skin.

Florida’s near year-round high temperatures mean lots of time spent outside. If you live in or frequently visit the sunshine state, Infinity UV Defense Sunscreens should be an integral part of your daily skincare ritual. Safeguard your skin’s health and prevent premature aging with a visit to one of Associate’s in Dermatology’s 12 Central Florida locations or by calling 800-827-SKIN (7546) to purchase yours today.

Learn more about skin cancer:

See more informative tips about playing it safe in the sun:

Dr. Michael Steppie Wins Vitals Patients’ Choice Award for the 3rd consecutive year!


For more than 25 years, Associates in Dermatology has helped thousands of Central Florida residents fight the ravages of skin cancer and improve the health and appearance of their skin. Over the last few years, for his valiant efforts, Dr. Steppie has received multiple top-tier awards. Now, he has earned another prestigious award to add to his list of accolades.

Vitals, a leader in providing online transparency tools and data that help consumers find top doctors and make informed decisions about their medical care, recently honored Dr. Steppie with the 2014 Vitals Patients’ Choice Award for the third consecutive year. The Award, now in its seventh year, is a widely recognized distinction bestowed on doctors not by their peers or by industry leaders, but by a far more important audience – the very people they care for.

Throughout the year, Vitals collects millions of patient-reported physician ratings covering multiple components of a healthcare providers’ work. Factors include doctors’ bedside manner, the amount of time they spend and engage with patients, diagnostic accuracy and the quality of treatment and follow up care. To be considered, finalists for the award must receive an overall rating of at least 3.5 or higher (out of 4.0) and have a medical license in good standing with no sanctions. Of the nation’s 1 million active physicians and dentists, just 5% qualified for this honor in 2014.

In addition to the Patient’s Choice Award Dr. Steppie also was recognized in Vitals’ Top 10 Doctors program as one of the most revered physicians in the Orlando area in the Dermatology Specialist category. To be considered for this particular honor, candidates must be among a significant number of highly-rated physicians practicing the same specialty within a neighborhood and must rank in the top ten among eligible physicians practicing the same specialty within a neighborhood. Top 10 Doctors winners also are chosen via patients’ reports on physicians and their practices covering multiple factors including bedside manner, follow-up care, ease of appointment setting, courtesy of office staff and overall appointment experience. Only about 20,000 doctors – less than 3% of all doctors nationally – meet the criteria for Top 10 Doctor honors each year.

“I am deeply honored as providing patients high quality care is our number one priority,” said Dr. Steppie, a board-certified physician and nationally renowned MOHS micrographic skin cancer surgeon. Dr. Steppie also is a dedicated member of the prestigious Amonette Circle of Skin Cancer Foundation and has been honored with multiple American Medical Association Physician Recognition Awards.

“Doctors recognized with a Vitals Patients’ Choice Award are committed to the patient experience,” added Mitch Rothschild, CEO of Vitals. “We commend these doctors for bringing both compassion and expertise to the practice of medicine.”

Tech Neck – How Staying Connected is Aging You and How You can Fix it


In today’s fast-paced, technology-driven world, our smartphones, laptops and tablets are constant companions. They’re our windows to the world and our links to family, friends and colleagues. But the connection and convenience they offer unfortunately comes with a downside – premature aging.

Backing up the findings of researchers involved in multiple studies, skincare specialists nationwide are seeing an increasingly frequent incidents of “tech neck,” a growing phenomenon of wrinkles and sagging of the neck and jowls appearing in patients as young as 18. Once relegated to those in their 40s and older, neck and jowl sagging and wrinkles now are affecting younger generations for one primary reason – the frequent and long-term tilting forward of the head to read screens on our mobile devices. In fact, those most at risk for tech neck are 18 to 39-year-olds, a demographic of people who own an average of three devices.

The issue of tech neck increasingly is popping up in magazines, web publications and television programs, including a recent Good Morning America segment. It’s more common in women because their wardrobe choices more often leave their necks and collar bones exposed, making the skin in those areas prone to the effects of sun and wind exposure, including premature aging. Keep in mind that the skin in the neck area is finer than in other areas, and is quickly thinned even further by sun exposure. Yet, most people’s skincare regimens focus solely on their faces, ignoring the neck and collarbone area.

The good news is that tech neck can be prevented and treated. Here are three helpful tips from Central Florida’s Associates in Dermatology:

  • Limit your time spent on your mobile devices and, when using them, position the screens at eye level with your chin held at a 70- to 90-degree angle to help avoid development of tech neck to begin with.
  • Maintain a daily skincare regimen that includes Steppie MD’s Ethereal Beauty™, an organic-based anti-aging serum that has proven highly effective for our patients.
  • Talk with an Associates in Dermatology skincare specialist about our new take-home product developed specifically to target the aging neck and clinically proven to visibly reduce sagging and wrinkles that betray your age. This breakthrough wrinkle repairing treatment is available for sale in all 12 Central Florida locations.

Don’t let staying connected cost you your looks – and remember that tech neck can affect both women and men. Call 800-827-SKIN to schedule a consultation with a dedicated skincare specialist at the Associates in Dermatology location nearest you today.

A New You for the New Year


The New Year has begun and if you’re like millions of Americans, you too have a list of resolutions aimed at a healthier, happier more beautiful you. But while developing a svelte figure is the undisputed No. 1 annual goal, there’s another beauty objective that should be on your list as well – taking better care of your skin.

After all, your skin is your body’s largest single organ and its first line of defense against disease, infection and other harmful elements. It’s also your calling card, so to speak – the first feature that others notice about you. Here at Associates in Dermatology, patients who resolve to have healthier-looking, smoother and younger looking skin invariably enjoy beautiful results using our exclusive skincare products in a customized regimen. Take it from Sandra G., just one of many satisfied patients:

I just wanted to thank you for your recommendation of Dr. Steppie’s products. I can’t say enough great things about each and every one of them. It has always been difficult finding products that work as they are advertised. Many products seem like scented water with fancy packaging and a huge price tag. Dr. Steppie’s products are worth their weight in gold! Not only did they help my face heal beautifully after a chemical peel, they have continued to improve my skin throughout the last couple of months. The skin on my neck has never looked better and even my husband noticed a difference.

One of my favorite things about these products is that I can complete my entire skin care regime in less than three minutes in the morning and in about two minutes in the evening. Most of the products last several months and they smell and feel really nice. I’m in love with the cleanser and serum!

I will no longer be fooled by products that carry a big price tag, fancy advertising yet never show much improvement and can honestly say that I will never again buy my skin care in a mall or grocery store. I only have one face and it has never looked better, even at 51.

Thanks again for your wonderful products and excellent service.

~Sandra G.

If beautiful skin is among your goals for 2015, remember that a targeted skincare regimen tailored just for you by our highly experienced skincare specialists is available at any of our 12 Central Florida locations or by calling 800-827-SKIN. Plus, you can count on our dedicated providers for any other skin, hair and nails concerns so that you can face 2015 head on!