Associates in Dermatology Kicks Off Melanoma Awareness Month with Communitywide Skin Cancer Screenings


May is Melanoma Awareness Month, a nationwide observance designed by the American Academy of Dermatology to spread the word about the soaring rates of skin cancer and importance of early detection. Melanoma is among the deadliest forms of cancer and a major concern for residents of areas with warm climates, like Florida. Despite continuing research and advancements in treatment technology, the rate of melanoma diagnoses has been on the rise over the past 30 years in America.

Consider these statistics:

  • One in five Americans will be diagnosed with skin cancer at some point in their lives.
  • About 76,380 new melanomas will be diagnosed in 2016.
  • Melanoma will claim the lives of upward of 10,130 Americans this year.
  • Melanoma affects people of every skin type.
  • Melanoma affects an average 1 in 40 Caucasians; 1 in 200 Hispanics and 1 in 1,000 African Americans.
  • The risk of melanoma increases with age, but the disease can strike at any time. In fact, Melanoma is one of the most common cancers in young adults age 20-39, especially young women who frequently sunbathe or use tanning beds.

Risk factors for melanoma include exposure to the sun; atypical moles; fair, freckled skin and light colored hair; a weakened immune system; age; and a personal or family history of melanoma or other skin cancers. In the United States, men have a higher rate of melanoma than women, although this varies by age. Before age 45, the risk is higher for women; after age 45 the risk is higher in men. In fact, in an article penned by Associates in Dermatology President and Medical Director and published in the Skin Cancer Foundation Journal, about half of all melanoma skin cancer occur in men over age 50. Melanoma is the fifth most common cancer in men and one of only three cancers with an increasing mortality rate for men.

To help protect those in the community we love, Associates in Dermatology is offering *free cancer screenings at each of our current 12 locations and at various community events like the recent Heart to Heart Annual Women’s Information Expo & Health Safety Awareness Event held at Waterford Lakes May 1st.  Our skin cancer awareness and community outreach initiatives have spread across six counties and been covered in many popular publications including:

  • Apopka Chief
  • Better Living
  • Celebration News
  • CMD
  • Four Corners
  • Insight Magazine
  • The News Leader
  • Orange Appeal
  • Osceola Woman Magazine
  • Life at Hunter’s Creek
  • Orlando Family Magazine
  • Orlando the Beautiful
  • Osceola Newspaper
  • Osceola Woman Magazine
  • Poinciana Pioneer
  • The Planter
  • Solavita Reflections
  • The SouthEast Post

We also were featured in a recent issue of Orlando Style Magazine, Central Florida’s leading luxury lifestyle publication, which ranks Associates in Dermatology as the top winner in the Dermatology Practice category of its Readers Choice Awards.

Our dedication to promoting skin cancer awareness and providing free screenings and information each May has made Associates in Dermatology the area’s most trusted source for high quality care for those seeking skin cancer prevention and treatment. Associates in Dermatology also has sponsored the daily UV Index feature on Orlando’s Fox 35 for five consecutive years.

Remember that skin cancer can strike anyone at any time and early detection is critical, as potentially life-saving treatment is far more effective in the early stages of the disease. So, our free screenings are an opportunity not to be missed! Call to schedule yours today. And, look for our two new locations opening in Mount Dora and Hunter’s Creek in June!

Find out more on the various forms of skin cancer:

Find out more on melanoma & tips to spot it:

*Offer applies to new patients. The patient and any other person responsible for payment has a right to refuse to pay, cancel payment, or be reimbursed for any other service, examination, or treatment that is performed as a result of and within 72 hours of responding to the advertisement for free, discounted fee, reduced fee service, examination or treatment. Existing patients: Free only applies to those who have not been seen in 3+ years.


Dr. Michael Steppie Wins Vitals Patients’ Choice Award for the 3rd consecutive year!


For more than 25 years, Associates in Dermatology has helped thousands of Central Florida residents fight the ravages of skin cancer and improve the health and appearance of their skin. Over the last few years, for his valiant efforts, Dr. Steppie has received multiple top-tier awards. Now, he has earned another prestigious award to add to his list of accolades.

Vitals, a leader in providing online transparency tools and data that help consumers find top doctors and make informed decisions about their medical care, recently honored Dr. Steppie with the 2014 Vitals Patients’ Choice Award for the third consecutive year. The Award, now in its seventh year, is a widely recognized distinction bestowed on doctors not by their peers or by industry leaders, but by a far more important audience – the very people they care for.

Throughout the year, Vitals collects millions of patient-reported physician ratings covering multiple components of a healthcare providers’ work. Factors include doctors’ bedside manner, the amount of time they spend and engage with patients, diagnostic accuracy and the quality of treatment and follow up care. To be considered, finalists for the award must receive an overall rating of at least 3.5 or higher (out of 4.0) and have a medical license in good standing with no sanctions. Of the nation’s 1 million active physicians and dentists, just 5% qualified for this honor in 2014.

In addition to the Patient’s Choice Award Dr. Steppie also was recognized in Vitals’ Top 10 Doctors program as one of the most revered physicians in the Orlando area in the Dermatology Specialist category. To be considered for this particular honor, candidates must be among a significant number of highly-rated physicians practicing the same specialty within a neighborhood and must rank in the top ten among eligible physicians practicing the same specialty within a neighborhood. Top 10 Doctors winners also are chosen via patients’ reports on physicians and their practices covering multiple factors including bedside manner, follow-up care, ease of appointment setting, courtesy of office staff and overall appointment experience. Only about 20,000 doctors – less than 3% of all doctors nationally – meet the criteria for Top 10 Doctor honors each year.

“I am deeply honored as providing patients high quality care is our number one priority,” said Dr. Steppie, a board-certified physician and nationally renowned MOHS micrographic skin cancer surgeon. Dr. Steppie also is a dedicated member of the prestigious Amonette Circle of Skin Cancer Foundation and has been honored with multiple American Medical Association Physician Recognition Awards.

“Doctors recognized with a Vitals Patients’ Choice Award are committed to the patient experience,” added Mitch Rothschild, CEO of Vitals. “We commend these doctors for bringing both compassion and expertise to the practice of medicine.”

Associates in Dermatology Celebrates 25 Years of Serving Friends & Family in Central Florida


While celebrating the holidays, Associates in Dermatology is also celebrating its silver anniversary, honoring 25 years of serving family and friends in the Central Florida area. We say “family and friends” because that’s just how. Michael Steppie, MD and staff view our patients.

Associates in Dermatology was founded in 1989 by Dr. William Steele, a board-certified dermatologist and well respected Mohs micrographic surgeon. Dr. Steppie, also a nationally renowned Mohs surgeon who is board-certified in Dermatology and completed an Internal Medicine residency, joined the practice 10 years ago and today is owner, president and medical director of the award-winning practice. Over the past quarter century, Orlando-based Associates in Dermatology’s leaders and staff have dedicated themselves to delivering unrivaled care to patients, while growing the firm to 11 locations located in 6 Central Florida counties.

Throughout Dr. Steppie’s time at Associates in Dermatology, his highly influential work has earned him a mantle full of prestigious awards and recognitions, including the Patient’s Choice award for three consecutive years. But far more importantly, he also has been an ardent supporter of the Central Florida community in ways that go far beyond his routine practice. Via numerous affiliations with charities and foundations, Dr. Steppie and the Associates in Dermatology staff have provided free medical care to the region’s uninsured and indigent. And, Dr. Steppie, an elite member of the prestigious Amonette Circle of the Skin Cancer Foundation, passionately and continuously works to spread the word about skin cancer risks, treatments and preventative measures.

By far, the most important gift you can give yourself this holiday season is the gift of good health. Take care throughout the remainder of the holiday season and resolve to make healthy lifestyle choices throughout 2014. And remember that when it comes to skincare and beauty, Associates in Dermatology is always there for you.

From Dr. Steppie and the entire Associates in Dermatology staff, have a wonderful holiday season and a healthy, prosperous and happy New Year.

Associates in Dermatology Giving Back to the Community and Dedicated to Top Quality Care


For nearly 25 years the leaders and staff of Orlando-based Associates in Dermatology have dedicated themselves to delivering an unrivaled level of care to patients and to serving the Central Florida community. Founded in 1989, the practice offers both cosmetic and clinical dermatology to help keep patients looking their beautiful best. But its specialty is saving lives.

Skin cancer is the No. 1 most common form of cancer in the United States, with more than 3.5 million cases diagnosed annually. That is why Associates in Dermatology, led by Dr. Michael Steppie, specializes in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of skin cancer. One thing is for sure – the people of Central Florida, where the practice has grown to ten locations, are in very capable hands.

In fact, Dr. Steppie is a nationally recognized expert in skin cancer and advanced skin cancer treatment – namely, Mohs surgery. He was also Central Florida’s first to introduce Superficial Radiation Therapy, a cutting edge technology that provides a less invasive alternative to surgical procedures for specific types of skin cancers.

Steppie’s highly influential work has earned him a mantle full of prestigious awards and recognitions but it is not accolades that drive Dr. Steppie and his dedicated support staff. He and his team of health care providers are passionate about spreading the word about skin cancer and saving lives.

Through affiliations with numerous charities and foundations for years, Associates in Dermatology has been providing free medical care to Central Florida’s uninsured and indigent. Each year, Dr. Steppie and his dedicated staff also perform free skin cancer screenings during the Skin Cancer Foundation’s annual Road to Healthy Skin Tour and within the practice, particularly during May, designated as Skin Cancer Awareness Month nationwide.

Albert Einstein once said, “Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.” Dr. Steppie and the Associates in Dermatology team firmly believe this and are passionate about living lives that serve their patients and their community.

Mohs Surgery – The Treatment of Choice highly praised by the skin cancer Foundation


In 1930 Dr. Frederick Mohs, M.D. developed a micrographic surgery to remove high-risk skin cancers.  Today, Mohs Surgery has the highest success rate of all skin cancer treatments.  Every  year in the United States more than two million people are affected by skin cancer.  The most common of these types of cancers are known as non melanoma skin cancers (NMSC) squamous cell and basal cell carcinoma (SCC and BCC).  Though not many “good” things can be said about cancer in general, the “good” thing about these types of cancers is that when they are detected early enough they can easily be treated under local anesthesia.

What makes Mohs Surgery one of the best treatment options?  Unlike other methods such as topical chemotherapy, liquid nitrogen treatment or “naked eye” surgery, Mohs Surgery examines minute layers of skin one at a time for signs of cancer.   During the surgery thin layers of cancerous skin tissue are surgically removed one at a time and individually examined under a microscope.  Combining this review with careful mapping of the cancerous area helps doctors pinpoint precisely where residual malignant tissue lies allowing them to remove all the affected tissue and only the affected tissue.

Mohs has become the treatment of choice for most patients, including those who are at high risk or require surgery in hard-to-reach areas.  For more details on Mohs surgery, the cutting-edge skin cancer treatment performed by Associates in Dermatology for nearly 25 years – click here.

Click here if you want to read the entire article from the Skin Cancer Foundation Journal :

Dr. Steppie Named Among Orlando’s ELITE Doctors

There’s a familiar face in the February 2013 issue of Orlando Style magazine. In its popular Best Doctors feature, the magazine spotlights Associates in Dermatology’s Dr. Michael Steppie among the top 25 MDs practicing in the Orlando area.

Dr. Michael Steppie is listed among Orlando’s best doctors in the February 2013 issue of “Orlando Style” magazine.

Inclusion in the annual feature is a highly coveted honor. Recipients are chosen based on positive feedback from clients and on nominations by peers in the local medical and healthcare community. So, recommendations are of the highest integrity.

Dr. Steppie is a board-certified physician focusing on the prevention and treatment of skin cancer, the most common form of cancer in the United States. He has completed residencies in internal medicine, dermatology and dermatologic surgery, and is a Mohs micrographic skin cancer surgeon. Last year’s Physician of the Year Award winner, Dr. Steppie was Central Florida’s first to introduce Superficial Radiation Therapy, a cutting edge technology that provides an alternative to surgical procedures for specific types of skin cancers. And he has developed Steppie MD Dermaceuticals featuring his patent-pending Pro Organic complex™, a supercharged proprietary organic blend infused in the highest concentration in his new Anti-Aging Cellular Elixir: Ethereal Beauty™.

Dr. Steppie’s Best Doctors listing is his second appearance in Orlando Style. Last May, he was profiled in the popular glossy’s Wow Factor section that recognizes prominent individuals making a positive impact within the local community. And his Anti-Aging Cellular Elixir: Ethereal Beauty™ also is featured in the magazine’s Luxury Essentials page this month (see page 88).

If you want the best skin possible, you want Orlando’s best skin specialists. Call 800-827-SKIN (7546) and schedule a consultation with a skilled and dedicated member of the Associates in Dermatology team.


Dr. Steppie Urges Men’s Health Readers to Man Up Against Skin Cancer

Men can take a cue from women when it comes to skin care and avoiding skin cancer.

Listen up, men! You can learn a thing or two about skin care and your skin cancer risk from the women in your life, says Associates in Dermatology’s Dr. Michael Steppie, M.D. He was featured in a recent Men’s Health article titled “What Men can Learn about Health from Women.”

In the article, Dr. Steppie and other medical specialists echo the sentiment of psychologist Will Courtenay, Ph.D.: “Men consistently misperceive their level of risk,” he says.

And you know he’s right. Men are notorious for skipping visits to the doctor and other health precautions, even when they’re in pain. But all that machismo won’t help when what might have been a simple, easily treatable medical condition goes untreated for too long and becomes a more serious or even life-threatening issue.

One of those oft-ignored issues is the risk of skin cancer. Athletes, outdoorsmen and men who work outside are exposed to the sun’s harmful rays for hours, yet they often skip recommended precautions such as sunscreen and protective clothing.

“Women pay attention to their skin and take precautions early,” said Dr. Steppie, a board-certified dermatologist and internal medicine specialist who is a member of the prestigious Amonette Circle of Skin Care Foundation. “So should you.”

Dr. Steppie, a highly qualified MOHS micrographic skin cancer surgeon, notes that skin cancer is the most common cancer among men. In fact, upwards of 44,250 men were newly diagnosed with melanoma in 2012, according to statistics from the American Cancer Society. Of them, 6,060 died. Those figures represent 12,250 more diagnosed cases and 2,940 more deaths than women.

If you’re a male who spends any amount of time outside, be sure to wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen. And if you notice a mole changing in color, size or texture, see a doctor, stat. Man up and take control of your health and your life. Contact Associates in Dermatology at 800-827-SKIN (7546) or via our convenient online form and schedule a consultation with an experienced skin specialist.