Give Your Mom the Gift of Radiance this Mother’s Day


Everyone believes their mom is the most beautiful in the world – And everyone is right! But truth be told, even the most gorgeous moms love an occasional beauty boost. So, for her special day, why not honor the mother you love with the gift of a radiant new look? Whether for your mom, your wife or yourself, Central Florida’s Associates in Dermatology is offering amazing Mother’s Day specials on top-shelf fillers Radiesse and BELOTERO BALANCE®throughout the month of May.

  • Radiesse:  Author Helen Steiner Rice once wrote that a mother’s smile “is like the sunshine breaking through a threatening cloud.” With age, however, those tell-tale marionette lines and pre-jowl folds form around the mouth, making moms everywhere look a bit wearied. Luckily, Radiesse offers a highly effective way to restore Mom’s look to match the youthful spark still evident in her personality. Formulated with tiny calcium-based microspheres suspended in a water-based gel, this popular dermal filler temporarily restores volume, smoothing the lines and plumping the sagging skin that forms around the smile and in the chin area. Over time, Radiesse can actually stimulate the body’s natural production of collagen, the structural protein that keeps the skin’s underlying connective tissue strong and taut. The result is a long-lasting, youthful and radiant look.
  • BELOTERO BALANCE®: Another popular solution for instantly erasing the signs of aging is BOLOTERO BALANCE. It’s infused with hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring element in the skin that binds to water, filling in wrinkles. It’s highly effective for minimizing marionette lines as well as those thin lines around the lips that so quickly betray a woman’s age. But it also plumps the lips, lending a naturally full, firm and youthful look.

Every mom deserves a bit of pampering on Mother’s Day. If you’re seeking the perfect gift for the mother you love, or if you’re a busy mom looking to treat yourself, call your nearest Associates in Dermatology location to schedule a consultation. Ask about the money-saving specials we’re offering on Radiesse and BELOTERO BALANCE throughout May or talk with your skincare provider about the full range of products and procedures we offer including laser skin resurfacing, pulsed light therapy, medical-strength chemical peels and more.

From Dr. Steppie and all of us here at Associates in Dermatology, have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

Want Beautiful Skin? Associates in Dermatology Has Just the Formula for You


Any artist will tell you that it takes just the right tools – the right paint brush, the right color palette, the right canvas – to create a beautiful painting. Such is the case when you’re looking to get beautiful, healthy skin. That’s why Dr. Michael Steppie and Orlando’s Associates in Dermatology offer a range of skincare products targeting a range of skin health issues. You’ll find only top-quality, highly researched and expertly developed formulas at our 12 area locations.

For years, patients from throughout Central Florida and beyond have trusted Dr. Steppie and his team of highly specialized and dedicated skincare professionals to safely and effectively treat them and their entire families. From children experiencing skin conditions such as eczema to young adults learning to keep acne at bay to elders looking to turn back the clock a bit, Associates in Dermatology has you covered. Our skin health professionals can prescribe highly targeted medications or topical creams and ointments; recommend appropriate over-the counter products; or even provide cutting-edge formulas from the exclusive STEPPIE MD skin care line, available in all Associates in Dermatology locations.

Many of our patients report excellent, visibly noticeable results using our intensive serums designed to help resurface the skin texture, minimize age spots and pigmentation, and visibly minimize tell-tale wrinkles that can make one look older than he or she feels. On-site treatments such as medial-grade chemical peels and laser anti-aging resurfacing can help to reset the clock on your appearance, while prescribed at-home regiments help to prolong the effects of these customized treatments.

Associates in Dermatology’s skincare products feature targeted and highly potent, yet gentle formulas for cleansing care, moisturizing care and protective care, including two state-of-the-art sunscreen formulas. Following is a brief overview of the numerous top-quality, targeted treatments and take-home skincare products we offer:

Cleansing Care / Refresh · Purify

This ultra-gentle botanical cleanser forms a creamy lather that washes away environmental pollutants, excess oil and make-up while leaving skin pristinely clean and refreshed. It is enriched with skin-conditioning ingredients and anti-oxidants. Soap and alcohol-free. Ph balanced. Non comedogenic. Paraben free.

These medicated cleansers contain an ultra pure glycolic acid available in 5% or 10% coupled with the proven acne fighting ingredient salicylic acid used at a 2% concentration.
Both help clear and prevent acne, reduce breakouts and clogged pores. These may also help with enlarged pores, folliculitis and keratosis pilaris while boosting the removal of dead skin cells

Moisturizing Care / Protect · Hydrate · Nourish

Free from chemical sunscreens, this weightless SPF 50 sunscreen offers the highest level of UVA/UVB protection. Its moisturizing formula is also enriched with 5 essential anti-oxidants and emollients.
Ideal for all skin types and especially gentle on sensitive and acne-prone skin. Oil-free. Alcohol-free. Paraben-free. Fragrance-free. Fast absorbing. Non-comedogenic. Non-whitening.

This lightweight micronized zinc oxide sunscreen offers the same benefits as the tube version and this spray is ideal to cover larger body areas such as arms and décolleté, but also the face if swimming or sweating while outdoors. Water-resistant (40 minutes).

bb cream- antioxidant oil control sunscreen BROAD SPECTRUM SPF 50+
A skin-perfecting tinted BB cream that evens skin tone and powerfully protects your face from sun damage. This silky smooth, multi-tasking formula can either be worn alone or under foundation. It offers a SPF 50 protection with a superior physical sunscreen – Zinc Oxide-, oil control and is enriched with moisturizers and anti-oxidants. Its sheer tint visibly helps conceal minor skin imperfections on all skin tones. Fragrance-Free, Oil-Free, Paraben-Free and Gluten-Free.

This lightweight moisturizing serum replenishes the skin with 18% hyaluronic acid and 2 cutting-edge complexes plus Niacinamide. Ideal for all skin types, including oily skin. Oil and fragrance-free. Non comedogenic.

A sumptuous wrinkle-defying cream enriched with, phyto stem cells, repairing anti-oxidants and a unique skin-identical lipid concentrate. It helps supports matrix repair throughout the night and restores skin’s comfort and youthful velvety texture.

Intensive Care / Renew · Treat · Repair

This potent active retinol serum is available without a prescription. Retinol is a form of Vitamin A, a time-tested ingredient which promotes flawless skin while boosting exfoliation to improve the appearance of skin texture, pores, pigmentation, as well as its youthfulness.

This highly intensive retinol serum delivers great results. It is twice as potent as Retinol Renewal 1 and must be handled with care. Follow the instructions for our Associates in Dermatology’s health care provider.

Target UV damage and visibly fade away pigmentation spots! To assure maximum potency, this formula is freshly mixed upon purchase. A potent dose of 6% vitamin C, 4% kojic acid and alpha arbutin -therapeutically equivalent to 4% Hydroquinone-, is added in the serum. These ingredients all act in synergy with other natural skin brighteners and protective antioxidants that further help fortify the skin’s cellular matrix and repair UV damage.

A breakthrough, needle-free serum powered by the Pro Organic Complex™, formulated and developed by Dr. Steppie. It is supercharged with potent sequoia leaf native cells* and a rejuvenating kelp extract** paired with replenishing olive oil blend that deliver exceptional anti-aging results. 95% organic. Premium aloe vera replaces water in the formula.
90% found an improvement in skin firmness**
85% found an improvement in the skin texture and hydration**

*/** In-vitro tests. **Self-evaluation: 2x/day application for 28 days. Study performed on 20 volunteers under dermatological control.

Ultra pure 5% glycolic acid powerfully exfoliates dead cells and surface grime while helping boost the penetration of the proven, OTC drug acne fighting ingredient salicylic acid used at the maximum strength, 2% concentration. Helps clear and prevent acne, reduce breakouts and clogged pores. These pads may also help with enlarged pores, folliculitis and keratosis pilaris while boosting the removal of dead skin cells.

This clinically proven formula visibly rejuvenates the eye contour. Boosted with a patented complex, 8 anti-puffiness and dark circle ingredients, 7 moisture boosters and 8 anti-oxidants! Clinically proven to reduce dark circles and puffiness and to minimize lines and wrinkles depth and volume.

All Steppie MD products are produced and manufactured in the USA in state-of-the-art, FDA registered facilities. So, if you’re looking to improve your skin’s appearance for a smooth, vibrant, picture-perfect look, visit your nearest Associates in Dermatology location for a customized treatment plan and at-home skincare regiment. Our targeted formulas are designed to meet your specific needs, so be sure to ask your healthcare provider which products will work best for you.

Healthy Skin – It’s Oh, So Fashionable!


A century ago, during the latter part of the Victorian era, women’s fashions were marked by high, stiff collars, long sleeves and floor-sweeping skirts. Showing skin was unheard of. Then came the 1920s and the buttoned-up Gibson girl gave way to the free-spirited flapper. Hemlines now grazed the knees and arms emerged, bare all the way to the shoulder. The new look was far more than a fashion trend, but a reflection of changing societal mores. Later, after World War II took soldiers to tropical locations, it became more socially acceptable for men to wear short pants and short sleeved shirts. Unfortunately, these marked transformations in 20th century fashion proved the start of generations more susceptible than ever to developing skin cancer.

Dr. Michael Steppie, MD, president and medical director of Central Florida’s Associates in Dermatology, regard patients as family. As such, he’s been known to dole out a bit of fatherly advice to patients – “Cover up!” At the peak of summer here in sunny Florida, that’s sage advice, in deed.

Clothing is the single most effective form of protection from the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays, and clothing manufacturers are banking on new textile technologies that not only offer broad-spectrum sun protection but also reflect the sun’s infrared rays, wick sweat away from the skin and cool the body. This is important because excursions to the beach, swimming pool or favorite fishing spots invariably place you and your family in the sun for hours at the time. Plus, splashing in the sun and feeling the wind created from the speed of a boat flying across the water can create a deceptively cooling sensation. While we may not feel the heat of the sun during these activities, those damaging rays are a constant presence, and a constant danger to your family’s health. To better protect yourself and your family, consider purchasing items from the following brands, each of which has earned the Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal of Recommendation for sun protective clothing and hats:

  • Boy Scouts of America
  • Columbia Sportswear
  • Coolibar
  • J. Crew
  • Land’s End
  • O’Neill Wetsuits
  • Quicksilver
  • Roxy
  • Specialized Bicycles
  • Sundriven
  • Wallaroo Hats Company
  • Whitworth Hats

When shopping for new fashions, look for items labeled with UPF ratings. UPF stands for ultraviolet protection factor and tells consumers how well a particular garment filters out the sun’s UV rays. Factor figures refer to just how much of the sun’s UV radiation permeates your clothing. For example, a light cotton T-shirt with a UPF of five will allow one fifth of the sun’s UV rays to penetrate the fabric and reach your skin. Whereas, a long-sleeved denim shirt with a UPF of 1,700 offers near full protection – virtually a sun block. The brands listed above meet staunch requirements that include a UPF of 30 or higher and acceptable test results according the standards of the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists method or AS/NZS Standard.

But other more conventional clothing types also offer protection. Polyester, nylon, wool, silk and denim all are effective fabric choices. Loosely woven, bleached cottons and crepe offer little or no protection from the sun. Great brands to choose from include San Soleil and Sun Soaked.

Why risk the accelerated aging and potential development of skin cancer by exposing your skin to the sun? The fact is that healthy, smooth, vibrant skin is by far the most alluring fashion statement you can make. Dress wisely and use a high SPF broad spectrum sunblock every time you go outside. Ideally, choose a sunblock that’s free of chemical sun filters, such as Steppie MD Infinity UV Defense Sunscreen SPF 50+, available in tube and spray versions. Also, be sure to schedule regular skin cancer screenings at one of our 12 Central Florida Associates in Dermatology locations.

Remember that covering up is the best line of defense for you and your loved ones.

For further details on SUN SAFE clothing check out this article in the latest volume of the Skin Cancer Foundation Journal.

Experience Dr. Steppie’s Targeted Skincare Regimen – A Whole New Way to Love Your Skin!


Because everyone’s skin is unique, there’s simply no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution to skincare. That’s why Dr. Michael Steppie, of Orlando-based Associates in Dermatology is introducing his Targeted Skincare Regimen in all 12 Central Florida locations. Whether you’re suffering acne, experiencing signs of aging, preparing for a skincare procedure (like a chemical peel or laser treatment) or healing from one, Dr. Steppie has a skincare solution customized just for you.

Dr. Steppie’s foremost product is his Ethereal Beauty™ – Anti Aging Cellular Serum, a pro organic skincare serum supercharged with 95 percent certified organic elements like rare sequoia tree stem cells, kelp extract and the potent inner gel of the highest quality aloe vera. Since its introduction, positive client testimonials have rolled in weekly – all detailing the stunning results patients have experienced with Ethereal Beauty™, which can be used by patients with any and every skin type, and has proven highly effective for both women and men.

But unique skincare needs call for unique products. To that end, Dr. Steppie is introducing nine all-new products designed for various individual skincare issues. A few of the most in-demand are:

  • Smooth Radiance: An intensive moisturizing serum that features a high dose of 18% hyaluronic acid (the body’s natural moisturizer and lubricant), plus two cutting edge complexes clinically proven to help repair and revitalized sagging skin. Smooth Radiance pulls double duty, maximizing the anti-aging benefits of other skincare products when applied beneath.
  • Virtuous Eyes: An intensive eye repair serum clinically proven to visibly reduce the appearance of under eye dark circles and puffiness, and minimize lines and wrinkles by diminishing depth and boosting volume. This high performance eye care is loaded with a patented rejuvenating complex that includes eight powerful anti-puffiness and anti-dark circles additives, seven moisture boosters, eight anti-oxidants and multiple repairing nutrients like fatty acids and kelp extract.

Other new products sure to impress are Dr. Steppie’s Eternal Bliss, a luxurious replenishing night cream that lends a rested and refreshed look come morning; and Divine Appeal, a potent retinol serum that exfoliates and renews skin, improving the skin’s texture, minimizing pores and evening pigmentation.

As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and sun protection is THE foundational factor in great skincare. It’s the single most important preventative measure against skin aging and skin cancer. That’s why Dr. Steppie focused so much effort on creating high quality sun protection products. The new Infinity UV Defense Sunscreen SPF 50+ is available in two formulas (cream and spray). Both weightless formulas are free of chemical sun filters, and are made with multiple anti-oxidants plus a pure physical sunscreen, micronized zinc oxide, which leaves a transparent finish while providing up to 50 times your skin’s natural protection from sunburn.

So next time you visit Associates in Dermatology, make sure to take home a brochure (or call us toll-free at 800-827-SKIN to request one) and talk with our expert skincare professionals to determine which of Dr. Steppie’s new targeted formulas is best for your specific needs.

Associates in Dermatology Kicks off New UV INDEX Campaign on Orlando’s Fox 35


For the third consecutive year, at springtime, Dr. Michael Steppie, puts his expertise to good work, keeping TV viewers aware of the potential harm associated with increased sun exposure. His practice, Associates in Dermatology sponsors Fox 35’s UV Index feature, and his awareness campaign kicked off last Friday and will run throughout the summer. While most tune in to see if the day holds beach-time weather, Dr. Steppie wants to remind viewers to protect themselves while basking in the summer sunshine.

Associates in Dermatology’s team of top-notch skincare professionals has been treating patients for 25 years and earned a reputation as one of the region’s leading skin cancer dermatology practices. Dr. Steppie has a long track record of encouraging proactive skincare among Central Florida residents. After all, we enjoy near year-round warm weather, which means many days at the beach, in the water or on the golf course. And that daily exposure to both UVA & UVB rays poses a significant risk of premature aging and skin cancer.

UVB rays, also called “burning” rays are shorter rays. Their intensity varies depending on the season, the time of the day, altitude as well as the distance from the equator. UVA, “aging” rays penetrate about twice as deep into the skin (dermis) and are more constant year-round. Simply walking from your house to your mailbox and driving in your car exposes you to almost 70 percent of UVA radiation! And did you know that 60%-80% of UVA rays penetrate clouds and 50% pass through window glass? 

Remember that EVERYONE should play it safe in the sun. Those with darker skin tones often believe they’re at a lesser risk for cancer. But studies confirm that just the opposite is true. For instance, over the past two decades, melanoma incidence among Hispanics has risen nearly 20 percent. The truth is that anyone can be at risk for developing skin cancer – no matter their ethnic group or skin tone.

The UV (ultraviolet) Index is an international standard measurement of the strength of the UV radiation from the sun at a particular place on a particular day. It’s used in weather forecasts to help people protect themselves from the dangers of UV light.

Here is a breakdown of recommendations according to the UV Index: 

uv chart

So, as you make your summertime plans, particularly in light of our on-and-off sunny days we’ve had here in Central Florida since early spring, keep in mind that soaking in the sun carries serious risk. And keep in mind that UV radiation is present every day, even when it is cloudy. So, don’t let clouds tempt you to skimp on preventative measures!

Also, be sure to tune in to Fox 35’s daily UV Index program, or go online at :, to find out just how strong the sun’s rays will shine each day before you venture out.


Skin Cancer Rates Among Hispanics Soar


Recently released statistics back up something that Dr. Michael Steppie, MD and others at Associates in Dermatology have long observed in the practice’s 12 locations in Central Florida, which an ever growing number of US Hispanics call home – that skin cancer rates among this group are soaring.

In the past two decades alone, melanoma incidence among Hispanics has risen nearly 20 percent – a disconcerting statistic particularly considering that melanoma is the deadliest form of skin cancer, expected to kill more than 9,700 Americans in 2014 alone. Research shows that an erroneous perception that those with darker skin are at a lesser risk than others for skin cancer may be to blame. That mistaken perception has led many Hispanics to believe they simply don’t need to employ sun safety techniques like using sunscreen, wearing protective clothing, limiting their time in the direct sunlight and seeking shade. All of these have contributed to the rapid rise in the rates of melanoma and other skin cancers among Hispanic Americans.

Study results also suggest an unsettling lack of skin cancer education campaigns and materials tailored to Hispanics, who comprise the nation’s fastest growing population. The consequences can be deadly. In fact, statistics show that Hispanics with melanoma have significantly poorer survival rates than non-Hispanic patients, primarily because they tend to be diagnosed with the condition at a later stage.

One study published in JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) Dermatology, researchers found that initial melanoma diagnoses were late-stage in a full 26 percent of Hispanic patients, compared to just 16 percent of white patients.

Consider these troubling findings: 

  • Nearly 40% of all Hispanics sunbathe regularly and 12 percent of Hispanics age 18 to 29 underwent indoor tanning in the past year;
  • More than 43% of Hispanics report they rarely or never use sunscreen and of those who do use sunscreen, more than 22% don’t know its SPF;
  • One in three Hispanics have experienced sunburn in the past year;
  • Only a fourth of Hispanics say they wear protective clothing in the sun;
  • Just 15 percent of Hispanic women regularly do self-skin checks and a full 89 percent admit they’ve never discussed melanoma with a doctor.

These disturbing statistics clearly underscore the urgency for year-round sun protection, regular skin self-examinations and annual visits to a dermatologist.  This advice goes for everyone, no matter your ethnicity or skin tone. No one is immune to the ill effects of too much sun exposure, including melanoma skin cancer. It’s also important to note that while the risk of melanoma increases with age – 61 being the average age at the time of diagnosis – melanoma also is one of the most common skin cancers in adults younger than 30.

Here at Associates in Dermatology, we care about our Hispanic friends, neighbors and patients. We urge you to learn more about skin cancer risks and preventative measures, and to share that information (including this article) with your loved ones.

A great way to start is to schedule a skin health screening at one of our 12 convenient Central Florida locations. Call 800-827-SKIN (7546) or use our convenient online scheduling form.



Associates in Dermatology Helps Golf Pros Play it Safe in the Sun with 2 days of Free Skin Cancer Screenings!


Dr. Steppie is starting off 2014 by continuing its skin cancer awareness outreach efforts in the Central Florida community. And this year, he is reaching out to the golfing community.

Avid golfers spend lots of time in the sunshine, which means they’re constantly exposed to harmful UV rays – by far the leading cause of skin cancer. That’s why Dr. Michael Steppie, has arranged for Associates in Dermatology’s healthcare providers to perform partial skin cancer screenings during the Orlando Golf Industry Show on February 5 and 6.

The Golf Industry Show (GIS) takes place at the Orange County Convention Center, located in the heart of the region’s tourism district. Approximately 8,000 representatives from golf courses and golf course owners associations from around the country attend the show each year. These golf course professionals and their staff are at a particularly high skin cancer risk due to the sheer amount of time their jobs require them to be outside in the sun. For them, early skin cancer detection is critical, but busy schedules can limit their opportunity to be screened regularly.

To that end, Dr. Steppie is committed to educating golfers and golfing industry professionals on the risks of and treatments for skin cancer – an epidemic in the golf community. He has partnered with The Sun SafeTee® Program, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that ( ) that teaches golfers how to protect themselves in the sun. And Dr. Steppie’s editorial, Playing it Safe on the Golf Course, published in golf directories available in the top 10 Orlando Golf country clubs (including Bay Hill, Isleworth, Windermere, the Ritz Carlton, Orlando Golden Bear at Keene’s Point) for the past three years will be distributed to attendees.

Click here to download Dr. Steppie’s editorial : Playing it Safe on the Golf Course!

Click here to find out more on the Sun Safe tee Program.

Contact us & schedule and appointment!

Associates in Dermatology Celebrates 25 Years of Serving Friends & Family in Central Florida


While celebrating the holidays, Associates in Dermatology is also celebrating its silver anniversary, honoring 25 years of serving family and friends in the Central Florida area. We say “family and friends” because that’s just how. Michael Steppie, MD and staff view our patients.

Associates in Dermatology was founded in 1989 by Dr. William Steele, a board-certified dermatologist and well respected Mohs micrographic surgeon. Dr. Steppie, also a nationally renowned Mohs surgeon who is board-certified in Dermatology and completed an Internal Medicine residency, joined the practice 10 years ago and today is owner, president and medical director of the award-winning practice. Over the past quarter century, Orlando-based Associates in Dermatology’s leaders and staff have dedicated themselves to delivering unrivaled care to patients, while growing the firm to 11 locations located in 6 Central Florida counties.

Throughout Dr. Steppie’s time at Associates in Dermatology, his highly influential work has earned him a mantle full of prestigious awards and recognitions, including the Patient’s Choice award for three consecutive years. But far more importantly, he also has been an ardent supporter of the Central Florida community in ways that go far beyond his routine practice. Via numerous affiliations with charities and foundations, Dr. Steppie and the Associates in Dermatology staff have provided free medical care to the region’s uninsured and indigent. And, Dr. Steppie, an elite member of the prestigious Amonette Circle of the Skin Cancer Foundation, passionately and continuously works to spread the word about skin cancer risks, treatments and preventative measures.

By far, the most important gift you can give yourself this holiday season is the gift of good health. Take care throughout the remainder of the holiday season and resolve to make healthy lifestyle choices throughout 2014. And remember that when it comes to skincare and beauty, Associates in Dermatology is always there for you.

From Dr. Steppie and the entire Associates in Dermatology staff, have a wonderful holiday season and a healthy, prosperous and happy New Year.

Associates in Dermatology’s Best Bets for Family-Friendly Holiday Fun


An unknown author once wrote, “I’ve never seen a smiling face that was not beautiful.” That’s why the beauty and skincare experts at Orlando-based Associates in Dermatology want to make sure you have lots to smile about this holiday season.

Whether you’re a year-round Central Florida resident or a snowbird who’s recently arrived for the winter season, the Orlando area offers lots of fun, family-friendly events. A favorite of Dr. Steppie and his own family is ICE, presented by Gaylord Palms Resort and Convention Center.

From now until January 5, a portion of the resort is transformed into a breathtaking winter wonderland complete with amazing ice sculptures hand carved from more than two million pounds of ice. ICE is truly a winter wonderland and an experience that you and your family will never forget. The award winning ICE attraction consists of some of the finest ice sculptures you will ever see. When you venture into the ICE room, kept at a chilly 9 degrees, you and your child will be delighted with the amazing displays.

This year’s theme, Frosty the Snow Man, is sure to please everyone, young and old. Ride the ice slide and take pictures of your favorite pieces. No winter clothes? Not to worry, as toasty parkas are provided for you. ICE has been an Orlando holiday staple for years, but this year, it gets even better.

Gaylord Palms resort and Convention Center is proud to offer new VIP tours. Meet one of the artists and watch how they sculpt their beautiful creations, get a behind the scenes look at how ICE comes together every year, enjoy hot chocolate and much, much more. With this added package, ICE is sure to be a memorable experience for the whole family. After your visit to ICE, be sure to check out the Gaylord Palms Christmas tree and decorations. Also, various performances will take place throughout the holidays. This Holiday season get out of the sun, and experience ICE, a one of a kind event.

For more information visit:

Just as a happy smile lights up your face, another popular holiday event lights up Orlando’s University of Central Florida – literally. Witness the magic of tens of thousands of tiny holiday lights illuminating the area in a live dance of sorts, choreographed to holiday music spun live by a DJ. CFE Credit Union and Carl Black Orlando proudly present Light Up UCF, also running through January 5.

This annual event turns the university campus into a holiday carnival. Spin and twirl, or just glide along, in the 8,000 square foot ice skating rink. If ice skating is not your thing, there is still plenty for you and your family to do at Light up UCF. The CFE Credit Union Ferris Wheel is a definite crowd pleaser as well as the exciting Blizzard Ride. Those with a need for speed will love the Orlando Sanford International Airport Arctic Glide Ice Slide and the little ones in your group will spend hours of enjoyment in Coca-Cola’s Santa’s Workshop. If you’re a movie lover, take in a selection at the Holiday Film Festival free of charge, courtesy of Sea World. Oh, and despite the fact that we’re in sunny Florida, it’s snowing every night of Light Up UCF.

If so much activity is not for you, simply seeing the light show will be worth making the trip to Light up UCF. Best of all, Ticket prices vary, depending on what events and attraction you wish to try, but all aspects of Light up UCF are affordable for even the largest families.

For more information visit:

From the Steppie family and Associates in Dermatology staff, we wish you a happy, healthy and beautiful holiday season!

Do Not Miss Out on our Special Rates for our Days of Beauty Events!


Want to glam up your look for all the upcoming holiday season soirées? Associates in Dermatology has the latest and greatest skincare products and treatments that erase years from your look give you the best gift of all – a smooth, firm and youthful complexion. And right now, those products and treatments are available at unbelievable prices during AID’s Days of Beauty special event.

Introducing Xeomin and Belotero Balance – two new breakthroughs in facial aesthetics. Xeomin is a prescription medication that utilizes Botulinum toxin type A to temporarily improve the appearance of glabellar frown lines – those two vertical lines that form between your eyebrows after years of squinting or frowning, making you look older (and angrier) than you truly are. Xeomin acts on nerve endings in your muscles, preventing certain muscle fibers from contracting. This reduction in muscle contraction leads to a visible smoothing.

Belotero Balance is a new injectable dermal filler that quickly integrates into your skin, smoothing lines and wrinkles and delivering instant results. Its active ingredient is hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring component of your skin that is used in other popular skincare treatments. But Belotero Balance differs from other products in that it carries unique properties that allow it to more readily adapt into the skin for a softer and more even complexion. It’s strong enough to handle deep wrinkles like the nasolabial folds (those smile lines on either side of your mouth, also called marionette lines), yet gentle enough to treat the tiniest lines like those that appear just above the lip line.

Associates in Dermatology’s Days of Beauty specials include either or both of these treatments, plus Dr. Michael Steppie, MD’s proprietary Ethereal Beauty – Anti-Aging Cellular Elixir™. This groundbreaking serum is 95 percent organic, nature-infused with elements like rare sequoia leaf native cells, kelp extract and organic olive oil complex. These unique elements work together to reactivate the skin’s natural renewal and protective processes for a smooth, firm, youthful look.

With the holidays upon us and the promise of a new year ahead, you cannot afford to miss these fantastic limited-time-only deals:

  • Xeomin: $9 per unit.
  • Belotero Balance: $400 per syringe. Or, two syringes plus one Ethereal Beauty – Anti-Aging Cellular Elixir™ for just $800.

These specials are offered at various Associates in Dermatology offices at limited times:

  • Altamonte Springs, Friday, Nov. 1, 2-5pm

  • East Orlando, Thursday, Nov. 7, 3-6pm

  • Kissimmee, Saturday, Nov. 9, 9am-12pm

  • Sand Lake, Wednesday, Nov. 13, 5-7:30pm

Appointments are sure to fill up quickly. Call 800-827-SKIN (7546) to schedule yours now!