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Have You Considered Your Medical Legacy?

February 12, 2018

At some point in life, most of us start thinking about the answer to the question, "What is my personal legacy going to be?" Usually, the first thought tends to involve passing down one's financial assets to our predecessors. But not everyone is wealthy in that way. However, that doesn't mean that you are not well endowed with other assets in life. At Associates in Dermatology, we have started to notice a trend amongst our existing patients to pass their knowledge of health and wellness to future generations.

Life's Not Just About Your Financial Assets

Although money may provide a competitive advantage for some, your health can help you survive the good, bad and ugly that life often brings. That is why it is exciting to see older patients share the incredible knowledge they've attained, as it relates to the each generation's medical care for conditions involving his or her skin, hair, or nails. Many of today's adult patients were born and raised in an era prior to the modern day approach of proactive dermatologic care. Dermatology was primarily relied upon to repair or heal damage to the skin caused by disease or injury.

"To witness one generation's concern for passing along their knowledge about the importance of routine skin, hair and nail care to their loved ones is incredibly rewarding," says Dr. Michael Steppie, president and medical director of Associates in Dermatology. "The doctors and health care providers at each of our Central Florida medical centers can take pride in knowing his or her dedication to providing the highest level of clinical and cosmetic dermatology will extend well into Orlando's future."

For each generation of Associates in Dermatology patients from the grandparent to the grandchild, the knowledge gained through their life experiences offers great value for posterity. When you share with your loved ones the healthy lifestyle habits that you developed to ensure your good health, you are leaving behind a medical legacy that establishes the importance of wellness for generations to come. So, teach your children's children now by involving them in annual checkups with our skincare professionals.

Every Season of Life Evolves

Ensuring your child and grandchild has healthy skin, hair and nails is important at every stage of their life. As the seasons change, so does everyone's need for clinical and cosmetic dermatology. Whether a loved one is struggling with acne due to overactive hormones or needs treatments for a chronic skin disorder like psoriasis, it is important that he or she take control of their health at an early age.

Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in America and melanoma is the deadliest form of skin cancer. According to the National Cancer Institute, more than one death occurs every hour in the United States. Although the disease is more frequently diagnosed in older adults, melanoma is one of the most common cancers in young adults aged 25-29 (especially younger women).

However, early detection of melanoma and other types of skin cancer can significantly reduce the risk of dying from the disease. Since survival rates are directly related to the depth of the cancer, which is directly related to the amount of time it has been growing unnoticed, sharing your good habit of self-examination can aid early detection and help save lives in your family tree. Fortunately, for our Central Florida communities, we've built a network of clinics that are next door to where you live.

Make Healthy Habits Part of Your Legacy

In addition to the knowledge and experience you gained during your life, the collection of good habits you adopted should be a part of your personal legacy. By passing these on to your successors, it can give younger members of your family a head start in living their lives to the fullest.

The reality is you need to extend the trust you have in Associates in Dermatology, so your children will embrace your legacy by bringing their kids too. After all, Dr. Michael Steppie was recently voted by Orlando Family Magazine among the Top Physicians for 2017. Moreover, the things you pass along to the younger generation are how those family members will always remember you.

You likely have a wealth of good habits to share, including why you go to your dermatologist for checkups and which preventative measures you take to protect your skin, nails and hair. Fact is the trust that you have gained in our practice over time should be one of the first thing passed on to each family member. So, never overlook the importance of introducing a younger member of your family to someone who can help ensure their health and wellness.

We have provided the latest dermatologic health care for thousands of patients for more than 25 years. Stop by any of our fifteen (15) Associates in Dermatology locations where we offer the latest skin, hair and nail care for every generation.   


*Dr. Michael Steppie MD is a board-certified physician who has completed residencies in internal medicine, dermatology and dermatologic surgery and is a highly qualified MOHS micrographic skin cancer surgeon. He is a dedicated member of the prestigious Amonette Circle of Skin Cancer Foundation and has been honored with multiple American Medical Association Physician Recognition Awards, received the Patient’s Choice Award for the last three consecutive years and was voted one of America's Top 10 Physicians in Orlando in 2014.

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