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Associates in Dermatology Kicks off New UV INDEX Campaign on Orlando's Fox 35

April 25, 2014

For the third consecutive year, at springtime, Dr. Michael Steppie, puts his expertise to good work, keeping TV viewers aware of the potential harm associated with increased sun exposure. His practice, Associates in Dermatology sponsors Fox 35’s UV Index feature, and his awareness campaign kicked off last Friday and will run throughout the summer. While most tune in to see if the day holds beach-time weather, Dr. Steppie wants to remind viewers to protect themselves while basking in the summer sunshine.

Associates in Dermatology’s team of top-notch skincare professionals has been treating patients for 25 years and earned a reputation as one of the region’s leading skin cancer dermatology practices. Dr. Steppie has a long track record of encouraging proactive skincare among Central Florida residents. After all, we enjoy near year-round warm weather, which means many days at the beach, in the water or on the golf course. And that daily exposure to both UVA & UVB rays poses a significant risk of premature aging and skin cancer.

UVrays, also called “burning” rays are shorter rays. Their intensity varies depending on the season, the time of the day, altitude as well as the distance from the equator. UVA, “aging” rays penetrate about twice as deep into the skin (dermis) and are more constant year-round. Simply walking from your house to your mailbox and driving in your car exposes you to almost 70 percent of UVA radiation! And did you know that 60%-80% of UVA rays penetrate clouds and 50% pass through window glass? 

Remember that EVERYONE should play it safe in the sun. Those with darker skin tones often believe they’re at a lesser risk for cancer. But studies confirm that just the opposite is true. For instance, over the past two decades, melanoma incidence among Hispanics has risen nearly 20 percent. The truth is that anyone can be at risk for developing skin cancer – no matter their ethnic group or skin tone.

The UV (ultraviolet) Index is an international standard measurement of the strength of the UV radiation from the sun at a particular place on a particular day. It’s used in weather forecasts to help people protect themselves from the dangers of UV light.

Here is a breakdown of recommendations according to the UV Index: 

So, as you make your summertime plans, particularly in light of our on-and-off sunny days we’ve had here in Central Florida since early spring, keep in mind that soaking in the sun carries serious risk. And keep in mind that UV radiation is present every day, even when it is cloudy. So, don’t let clouds tempt you to skimp on preventative measures!

Also, be sure to tune in to Fox 35’s daily UV Index program, or go online at :, to find out just how strong the sun’s rays will shine each day before you venture out.


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